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Well, almost every website in the world has this footer for sure. And, most of them are tired of updating it every year and some of them are still showing the footer with the last decade.

Updating date every year is not limited to the website only but to desktop applications and other software products as well that show the same footer text.


Let’s switch this static text to a dynamic one by using Date API, which I believe almost every programmer knows very well.

Sharing with you an example of Date API in javascript.

new Date().getFullYear(); // gets…

Dark or Light: Take one side

In my childhood, I enjoyed writing HTML code on a Notepad dipped with a white screen background. And, there is no issue switching between notepad and webpage. Maybe, most of the time both screens have a light background color, or my sitting time was not that long as it is today.

In the current hood, where most of the new IDEs — Sublime, Vscode, Atom have default dark background color. And, of course, dark background help programmers to concentrate better with light color text for a longer period. …

Well, I guess reading the post title makes you react the same as the image post. Specifically, JS lovers, who might be thinking why I have some understanding issues with one of the cores of Javascript? Since almost everything is an Object in javascript.

typeof new String('I am creating String, But they call me object');typeof ['What? I am not an array'];typeof {'Who me?': 'Well, I have no issues'};typeof null; // I am nothing but I have existence

There are some learnings that came into your experience by knowing from someone or experiencing it by yourself. With this…

Raj Karan

Simple Engineer with so many ideas 💡

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